Bad Blood

An international pop idol has been kidnapped by her arch-nemesis and his extended family, and there’s only one hour left before her big concert starts! Her #1 fan was on the case, but got too close to the truth and was also kidnapped! As part of the idol’s squad, can you pick up the pieces of the investigation and succeed in freeing the pop star and her #1 fan before the concert starts?

Good for beginners and families! Recommended group size: 4-5 (maximum 6)



It’s 1931, Chicago, and times are good – for us at least. Business is booming. Our family is making a killing in the alcohol trade, but there is trouble on the horizon. Those “crooks” are trying to set up shop right on our doorstep! I want you to go down there and teach them a lesson or two. Infiltrate their new speakeasy and steal their alcohol. Do it now. Do it fast.

Good for veterans and those seeking a challenge! Recommended group size: 4-6 (maximum 6)



The wizard Merlin has seen the future. A champion will rise, become ruler, and save Britain.

Fulfill your destiny.

A magical, narrative escape adventure. Recommended group size: 5-6 (minimum 4, maximum 8).


Hollywood Dreams

Hollywood is hard enough to break into for aspiring screen writers. It’s an impossible mission when jerk directors are passing off your script as their own. Well you’re not going to let him get away with it. You’re sneaking into his office to get your script back. He’s out to lunch. You’ve paid off the secretary. Now just find your script and get out before he gets back. Or get caught, and watch your dreams sink faster than the Titanic.

Hey, this is sounding like a pretty good movie already…

A beginner room for new players. Recommended group size: 4-5 (maximum 6)